Why does a professional or self-employed person need a website?

All types of freelancers and professionals can achieve the same benefits mentioned above from a web presence.

Lawyers, architects, doctors, engineers, financial consultants, artists, real estate agents, pharmacists, veterinarians, economists, commercial agents, programmers, designers, advertisers, translators, trainers, insurance agents, makeup artists, craftsmen, painters, representatives and all Self-employed and service-oriented professionals must take advantage of the vast reach of the Internet.

In both cases, depending on the size of your business, they may or may not have workers in your charge and an establishment open to the public, although many work from home and without employees. This self-employment option generally generates a higher level of income.

7 reasons why an individual needs to have a website

For an individual, a website and a personal domain name are useful in many ways:

1- Your permanent personal identity

A domain name is your personal and unique identity on the Internet. You can create a personal or family website that features your family history, family photos, travel photos, etc.

2- The creation of a website is very cheap and easy

Making a website today is quite cheap, the price per year is less than $ 90 dollars. There are many easy-to-use programs to create it.

You can create a website with WordPress, the platform that is most used today. You don’t need to know about web design or development. It is possible to use a web page creator and have it live with a few clicks. This means that you don’t need to hire a web designer.

3- The showcase of your hobby

Create a website around your hobby, sport or art. You can present your work or collections. It can even be the start of a home business.

4- Domain name as an Investment

You can keep your personal domain names as an investment. Many common personal domain names will become rare and valuable assets that are prone to increase in value.

Although most of the common names and surnames in the world have already been registered. You may still be able to get some variations of your first or last name for your domain. It is advisable to act now, before it is too late.

5- Personalized email address

You can have a personalized email address like Rosafamilia @ .net. Your personalized email for life, as long as you keep your domain name and website. You never have to worry about updating friends and family with a new email address when you change providers, jobs, or Internet services.

6- Share Information

On your website, you can post information that may be useful or interesting to others around the world.

7- Visibility and cheap advertising options

There are many ways you can promote your site to gain worldwide visibility. For example, free organic traffic and also with paid traffic like AdSense.

8- Make money from your site

Generate sales revenue, leads, and traffic from business links and ads placed on your site. Take advantage of the free admission offered by affiliate networks on the Internet. Affiliate marketing is currently one of the most used and profitable ways to generate profits through the Web. There are also other options to monetize your page.

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