Incredible Advantages When is Used a CMS for Develop a Website

Do I organize my online store with a predesigned CMS or ought to I develop it to gauge? Do not be tricked by the extremely initial point they promote as well as discover why CMS will be your only option.

Did you recognize that 55% of eCommerce created don’t exceed the primary yr of life as well as that 35% of those fail of their first month? We do not wish to be pessimistic, the opposite approach round. We have little doubt that if you’re studying this text, it’s that you’ve one thing distinctive and particular to supply the market, so don’t be discouraged, get concepts and bounce within the pool!

Normally, the issue comes after we have no idea the place to start out and we’re guided by recommendation and opinions with no good data base. Surely you’re consuming your head excited about how and the place to arrange your on-line retailer and you will certainly have heard a thousand occasions that “a personalized and tailored website is crucial to compete online.”

Each enterprise and state of affairs is exclusive and that’s the reason we’re not going to inform you what it’s best to do, however we do need you to take heed to the opposite facet of what has by no means been informed (somewhat, the badly informed). Little is claimed about the benefits of internet growth in predesigned CMS platforms like WordPress, and in doing so, some half-truths are likely to creep in.

It is true that having a customized web site to have the ability to differentiate your self from the competitors is a key factor for the doable success of your retailer, however the phrases ‘custom’ and ‘CMS’ should not antonyms, vice versa

Whatever determination you make, we would like the choice to be appropriate and that you don’t let your self be guided by these lies:

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Debunking myths about internet growth

CMS are in the long term costlier

It is true that platforms corresponding to WordPress or related are marketed as free however then they give you premium companies to have the ability to personalize content material, take away advertisements, and many others … It is definitely not free, however it’s cheaper than creating a customized web site. Since it’s important to rent an company to program and / or design your web site, you do not need to spend further foolishly, so beginning to develop the web page from a fundamental template will save time within the course of and thus the prices could also be decrease.

Using templates means having a boring design

Using a template doesn’t imply having a conventional, easy or boring design. For instance, WordPress has all kinds of designs for hundreds of enterprise varieties that may function an amazing start line, saving design money and time. Furthermore, these templates should not mounted, permitting them to be modified with nice ease to be able to adapt them to our wants. In truth, that is the place creativity performs, modulating a base and adapting it by design and programming to the necessities of a undertaking. You don’t consider it? Take a have a look at our web site created from WordPress and inform us it’s boring. Absolutely!

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With CMS navigation is common

No, all WordPress or related templates are optimized in order that your web site adapts to any gadget and browser. This makes your web page all the time responsive with out the necessity to program it particularly for every browser or gadget. This approach you make it possible for your web site is accessible from anyplace and by any consumer, thus serving to search engine positioning. As if that weren’t sufficient, there are search engine optimisation plug-ins that assist you handle enhancements with out the necessity for further programming.

Little scalability and restricted programming

Don’t take heed to those that say {that a} WordPress web page solely works for startups that can later need to create a customized web site. Did you acknowledge that the pages of huge firms like Spotify, BBC America, PlayStation, Vogue, MercedesBenz, Sony or MTV are made on WordPress? With that we are saying every little thing. WordPress means that you can develop your web page on scales as massive as these of those firms, having the ability to program the online 100% when and the way a lot you need. The restrict is as much as you!

Debunking myths about eCommerce growth

Difficult integration between the web page and the net retailer

Upside down! It could not be simpler to combine your eCommerce to your web site than utilizing WordPress. With the Woocommerce plug-in, amongst many others, each free and paid, you possibly can simply have your retailer built-in on the internet. Not solely that, you even have hundreds of ad-ons for every little thing you want corresponding to including want lists, reductions or different advantages that you just see needed for your online business. In addition, you possibly can handle from a number of accounts each the online, a weblog and the shop on the similar time, all united in a single.

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Its upkeep is laborious

Well, it should be no! Since every little thing is on the identical platform, you need not give programmers extra work to consistently replace every little thing. Contrary to well-liked perception, sustaining your retailer, in addition to the online itself, is far much less laborious than that of different platforms, corresponding to Prestashop, since WordPress, with its neighborhood of greater than 300 builders, result in constantly replace robotically.

Little safety when fee

WooCommerce, the eCommerce platform that most accurately fits Wordpress, has greater than 27% of the market, making it probably the most broadly used worldwide. Do you continue to suppose it is unsafe? It has extensions for the simple integration of fee gateways corresponding to Amazon Pay or PayPal, being simply among the many who it provides. These should not solely protected, however they’re additionally very simple to put in on the internet as well as to configure. Not solely that, nevertheless it additionally permits including the POS that every financial institution works with, facilitating operations for each you as well as your clients.

My knowledge is in Putin’s fingers

There are sure conspiracy individuals who consider that, as a result of it’s a free and on-line platform, buying, gross sales and different billing knowledge are misplaced in probably the most distant locations of the web as new ones are created. However, WordPress does have a statistics part on our web page exercise and the efficiency of our enterprise. These knowledge are consistently up to date, however do not panic, don’t disappear or go anyplace. They are collected to generate full studies of the exercise of your retailer, with graphs on the inventory, orders, billing as well as even clients. In addition, these will be damaged down not solely by date, however by classes, varieties of merchandise, as well as many others … In quick, if you’re not going to overlook one thing, it’s knowledge.


It is evident that organising your web site or your on-line retailer with a CMS doesn’t imply that your web page is not going to measure as much as your competitors, the truth is, it might look higher. Even so, these benefits don’t imply that this type of internet growth is right for your online business. We won’t ever tire of repeating that every case is exclusive and that’s the reason it’s essential to take advantage of handy determination for YOUR enterprise.

How to host a domain / website on your own?

Now that you might be thought-about a bit extra professional on the topic, freed from preconceptions or false rumors that you might keep in mind, do not be fooled! You resolve how and the area to organize your web site, though when you need assistance we are mosting likely to aid you, learning your case in depth to information you objectively in direction of the success of your online company.


Dynamic website vs Static website Which is much better?

When taking into account the growth in addition to design of a new internet site, the selections that happen are basically 2: vivid web websites in addition to repaired web websites.

The selection differs relying on the demands of the business as well as / or the customer, yet regardless, it is practical to evaluate the particularities of both, in addition to the benefits to have more than the various other.

ᐅ Tipos de Páginas Web que existen y su clasificación

Dynamic websites are those that have complicated programs as well as usage data sources that fill the details that the individual sees on the display when they check out the web page. The primary distinction in between these as well as the set ones is that the materials are upgraded as the individual regularly checks out the website. These web pages generally have a management panel (CMS) where the internet managers can sign up, change, deal with as well as remove the details presented. In more advanced versions of this type of administrators, the edition of the sections of the web page, so that both the texts as well as the images that appear on it can be modified, and it also allows adding new ones to the development tree, thus being able to have the web page fully up-to-date.

Static web pages are usually developed in HTML and CSS that offer less content than dynamic ones. Therefore, they are usually used for those who only publish content that does not need to be modified or updated over time, only offer fixed content. Static pages can also use technologies that offer very striking effects such as jQuery and Ajax.

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Editing in this kind of website is very difficult, since in order to modify its texts, for example, it would be necessary to download the HTML page from the server, change its content and then save it on the server. This modification can only be made by the webmaster or the agency that developed and designed the page.

Also, if you want to modify the menu incorporating a new tab in a web made up of several HTML pages, you should edit each of these pages, incorporating the new tab in all of them.
However, in dynamic web pages this is not necessary, since the new tab would be created in the content manager that, automatically, would be reflected in all areas of the web.

To finish, it should be borne in mind that web pages that have animations should not be confused with dynamic internet sites, but are only pages designed with flash technology, which are characterized by attractive designs as well as movement effects and that use the language action script in their programming, but they need a special plugin to be executed and are not supported by many mobile terminals.

When to choose a static page or a vibrant page

If a company is really going to need to update the contents of its website on a regular basis, it is best to hire a dynamic page. If, on the other hand, you do not need to make the most of your website, it is best to choose a static page and, if it becomes insufficient over time, you can move on to a dynamic one later on.

Main features:

Static web:

• Mainly made in XHTML or HTML.
• For content modification it is essential to access the server where the page is hosted.
• The update process is slow and manual.
• It does not offer databases, forums, etc.
• The user cannot select, order or modify the content or design of the page.
• Its design and development is faster and cheaper than that of a dynamic website.

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Dynamic web:

• Many possibilities in design and development.
• Uses various programming languages and techniques in its development.
• The update process is very simple and does not require entering the server.
• It allows a large number of functionalities such as databases, forums, dynamic content, etc.
• The user can alter the design, content or presentation of the page to their liking.
• Its design and development is more expensive than that of a static website, due to its greater complexity and greater benefits.

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Today, the dynamic website option prevails in the world of design and business on the Internet. There are many pages that allow interaction with the visitor and offer very useful possibilities: shopping carts, inclusion of comments, participation in discussion … In this type of website, as we have previously mentioned, the content manager will be used for administration of the supply of articles. Through which, a new article is added – text, images, price, etc … – which will automatically be added to the general list of products offered on the website.

As is also the case with news internet sites or blogs, for example, they are pages that also need to be constantly updated, with content generated as well as edited chronologically. The websites of the main newspapers publish current or prominent news in side columns. This is possible thanks to the news manager, which automatically reflects the news in the requested section. If it were a static website, it would not be possible and you would have to edit each sheet on the website and manually add the news one by one.

This type of websites, newspapers, news, blogs, also have a comments section, a dynamic element that allows the user to enter their opinions, which will ultimately be the administrator of the web who decides which comments can be published or not. , to avoid spam.

In short, static web pages are useful in cases where the website is only informative as well as does not require constant updating. Dynamic websites, on the various other hand, are suitable in the case of websites that require frequent updates. In addition, the latter are easy to edit as well as make use of a great deal of their automated services.
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What are Dynamic web sites?

Dynamic Websites. They are those websites comprised of websites set in advanced code than html. It permits all the capabilities of fixed websites in regards to showing pictures, web links, etc. as well as permits showing info based upon what the individual selected.

Principal features

Its primary features consist of developing, modifying as well as erasing short articles or web content from the website from a functional as well as easy online editor.

Organization of content (articles) in unlimited sections as well as sub-sections, which facilitates navigability creating a solid structure, orderly and easy to manage.
Control panel to create, edit, and delete sections, sub sections, and web content.
Unlimited article as well as page creation

On-line editor that allows to properly format content as well as add images easily and intuitively.
Visitors can e-mail, preview for print (and print) and / or convert all items to PDF with one click.
Quick and simple implementation of new applications (electronic newsletter, virtual store, forums, Chat-online, etc.)
Multiple choice online surveys with statistics.
Banner manager

Internal search engine with the possibility of external search via google.
Main applications

Differences Between Static And Dynamic Website Designs
  • Business website
  • Corporate website
  • Blog
  • Intranet
  • Web portal
  • Dynamic page generation

Web pages can be dynamically generated by various scripts on the server. Once the browser receives them, it treats them as normal HTML pages as well as simply displays them, when a user fills in the different fields of a form as well as clicks the submit button, a message is sent to the server with all the information, this it must be delivered to a program or script for processing. Processing generally involves the use of user-supplied information to search a record in a database on the server disk as well as generate a custom HTML page to return to the client. In a dynamic web page on the server, the database stores as well as supplies the information that will be presented to the user, with the great advantage that the information may vary according to the user, time, etc.

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Once the type of site to work has been defined, an adequate selection of technology is necessary, as well as the database manager to use, among the best known are: Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, etc. . All of them can be used for dynamic web pages, although they depend on the web server platform that they can be (Apache, IIS, Tomcat, etc.) and the programming language (Perl, PHP, JSP, etc.).

Advantages and usefulness

Versatility, aims at personalizing the displayed information. It permits decision-making as well as selective display of information based on desired criteria.

It is useful for displaying a more solid as well as professional company image since it allows saving information on the navigator’s computer as well as displaying in a personalized way the company’s web site as well as the info appropriate to the sort of navigator.

Why would you pick a dynamic web page over a static web page?

The following are some of the various reasons why a organization can also want to have a dynamic page over a static web page.
Need to get right of entry to a database or external document
A web page that desires to get entry to a database or outside document to get facts desires to be dynamic. For instance, while you visit Google and perform a search, Google sends your search query to hundreds of computer systems and combines all information from those computers right into a search result web page.

Information is up to date regularly
Websites which have data that is up to date often are dynamic to make it easier and quicker to get statistics on line. For example, a information web page may have many extraordinary newshounds who can put up stories. With scripts, the company can routinely replace the home web page to incorporate those stories without counting on someone to edit a static HTML web page every time a new tale and web page is brought.
Dynamic web sites make it less complicated for all of us to make a contribution

WordPress websites and other CMS solutions make it less complicated for everyone to have a website without knowing loads about HTML or programming. Once created, the consumer(s) can create pages using an internet editor and put up them on-line the usage of the CMS. In assessment, a static website might require that the user create the web page in an HTML editor and upload it the use of FTP.

A dynamic website is a internet site that no longer most effective makes use of HTML and CSS, but consists of website scripting as properly. There are two essential reasons why you’d want to apply internet site scripting for your web site:

you want an interactive web app that people can use, now not just examine
you want so that it will share HTML code among your pages.
This internet site is a dynamic website, for each of the above motives. It’s no longer a full-blown internet app like Facebook or Google, however it does have interactive factors like contact bureaucracy and search containers. This internet site additionally stocks the same HTML code for the header, menu and sidebar among all pages of the web page.


Guide of web pages types

What is a web site?

A web site is a data or any type of sort of sort of information that is created in HTML design (HyperText Markup Language), which is adapted to the World Wide net (WWW) as well as likewise accessed product by means of a few of the internet internet browsers exist. The collection of linked sites under the precise very same domain is called a net website.

Types of sites according to their structure

Static website

These type of website are specified due to the fact that they disclose long-lasting information in which the person cannot get in touch with the website besides to examine the product. They do not use information resources, nonetheless the information remains on the internet server, so to transform it you require to access the internet server as well as likewise change its product. These type of website are made use of for merely intriguing website.

Dynamic sites

Unlike repaired sites, on dynamic sites the products can be personalized by the people that see them as well as likewise are allowed to create or transform the aspect of the same through the same navigation with forms, text, images, videos etc. Among these would be the forums, blogs, ecommerces with a shopping cart, the different sections of product sheets in which users can comment and the rest of the pages in which visitors can create or interact with the information displayed themselves. These contents interact with a database in which each of the users’ records is kept.

And according to their functionality, we can classify them into:


A blog like this that you are reading right now, is a portal where opinion articles on a specific topic are published and where the contents are usually structured, with the most recent appearing first. In these types of web pages, users can write comments to blog posts also giving their point of view. Currently, most blogs are made with the WordPress CMS that makes programming and maintenance tasks easier.

Photo by Monoar Rahman is licensed under CC0

Online stores

Ecommerces or online stores are websites where products or services are sold. At present they are having a great growth due to the fact that many users already carry out their transactions over the Internet and also many traditional businesses have launched to develop this type of sites to generate business on the net. To give you some information, some ecommerces have already become distribution giants and are some of the largest companies in the world such as Alibaba or Amazon.

Photo by Mediamodifier is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

Corporate Websites

The corporate websites are those that describe the characteristics of the company where its main information is collected, such as who they are, their location, what they do and other information about the company itself. The main products or services offered by the company are also usually shown on these websites, but there is no possibility of contracting them online.

New corporate website features


A forum or a community is a virtual space where a series of people meet to discuss a certain topic. The forums usually have two figures, the administrator or administrators of the same and the users, the former are in charge of moderating the messages and the latter of publishing them. Forums can also be included in sections of a site to provide a discussion space for users who visit those pages.

Photo by lukasbieri is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

Download site

The purpose of these pages is to provide the user with the information they are looking for in the form of a file download. These files can be software to install on the user’s computer and other types of files in their different types of formats. Here we can group Softonic, El rincón del vago and websites of this type that we have all visited at some time and that are download repositories.

Top 22 Android App Download Site

Search engines

Pages created for users to make their queries and they return a series of results with the best pages on that particular query. They can include advertising, in fact Google gets most of its income from its Google Adwords program for advertising in its search engine.

Photo by Caio is licensed under CC0

News Websites

Webs where news is constantly being uploaded so that the reader can consume it and be able to comment on it. Paper newspapers all have their website, which is in fact one of the most visited sites on the Internet and then we also have news sites that can be created by the user such as the well-known


They are web pages where users are the ones who create and transform their content directly from their browser. The most famous wiki is Wikipedia, one of the most visited web pages in the world.

Ejemplos de Wikis y Características -【 】

Video consumption sites

There are several websites where we can consume audiovisual content, the best known is YouTube, although there are others such as Dailymotion or Vimeo. These websites are also financed via advertising such as television.

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Educational sites

Online training or e-learning has become very important in recent years and it is already strange not to find someone who has not completed a distance course with the Internet. To carry out these trainings, there are web web web pages that become “virtual classrooms” where students can view the content, connect with other students as well as also make inquiries about the content they are studying.

60 Educational Game Sites That You've Probably Never Seen | Ed ...

Game Webs

Online games are one of one of one of the most expanding markets in the virtual world, for many years before the existence of the Internet, many of us have enjoyed moments of leisure alone or with friends. With the birth of the Internet, this sector has multiplied its presence and although I am not very “gamer”, there are platforms like Steam where you can choose a series of online games to enjoy hours and hours of entertainment.

Es seguro comprar juegos en páginas como G2A e Instant Gaming?


On the Internet there are likewise websites totally dedicated to comparing services as well as items, some large companies such as Booking, Rastreator or Emagister, have made this service their way of business as well as they are doing really well. Users go to these sorts of pages to contrast which are the best options in each case and likewise these company make a compensation when the customer shuts the acquisition with them or gives the information to ensure that they call him.


Top reasons why your website needs a blog

Suppose you make your site in WordPress, it could appear a little bit odd if you do not prepare to have a blog site. Anyway, when you strive at your service, you might assume that the last point you can do is hang around blog writing.

And it makes good sense. You are an independent employee or a local business owner, making as well as establishing your course to success. Your site is ended up. It looks fantastic, has exceptional sales speech as well as uses a favorable individual experience. Your site visitors can conveniently see what you need to supply, they see the passionate reviews of previous customers as well as customers that sustain those insurance claims. However, in some way, you’re still not obtaining adequate sales or working with.

This could be because there is something you overlooked on your website: adding a blog. So why should your company website have a blog?

In this article, we are going to try to convince you why your company’s website needs a blog and then at the end we will give you some suggestions on how to start.

By the end of this article, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether blogging can help your business or not, and whether content marketing is a valuable use of your time and resources.

So let’s get started with a quick snapshot of Content Marketing and how it can help your business grow.

What is content marketing?

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that is based on the creation and exchange of valuable content with your community or target audience, therefore, it is to establish yourself as an authority in your field. This helps build a strong relationship with your readers and potential customers, and ultimately leads to increased sales without the need for traditional hard selling.

A very popular form of Content Marketing is posting good content to your blog on a regular basis. Instead of traditional “Outbound Marketing”, such as advertising and cold calling, in which you are going to look for your audience, the objective of Inbound Marketing or Content Marketing is that your audience will be the one to approach you.

If you are reluctant to sell yourself and self-promotion, then this may sound like a form of marketing that is ideal for you. However, if you are still not entirely convinced or if you want to know more, we are going to break it down further by reviewing the main reasons why your website should have a blog.

Top reasons why your website needs a blog

Now that we are all in agreement about Content Marketing, let’s take a look at some of the specific reasons why you should add a blog to your website and start publishing content on a regular basis.

You can even use these reasons to convince your web design clients why they need a blog as part of their website, making it another value-added service you can offer.

Reason # 1: You will find more opportunities
A typical business website typically consists of 5 to 10 pages, including those essential pages that should not be forgotten. While this may be adequate to sell what you offer, it may not be enough for your customers to reach your website. That’s where a blog comes into play.

Each article you post on your blog is another page on your website that will be indexed in search engines. This means that it is another opportunity for your website to be found by people who search the web. If you apply basic Content Marketing tactics and use your blog to answer the questions and queries of your target audience, it is very likely that when they go to Google in search of a solution to their problem, with a little luck and a little With good SEO, your blog posts will appear on the results pages. This will then drive more traffic to your website.

Photo by PhotoMIX Company is licensed under CC0

Reason # 2: It opens the way to the world of Social Media Marketing
Your prospects and current clients are probably already spending time on social media. So you must be there too, so they can find you. As well as sharing content that your audience finds useful and responding to any queries related to the industry you are in, sharing your own content on social networks is something you must do to get more visitors to your website.

However, if your website only has a few pages, all of which focus on achieving sales, you can sometimes share those contents but they will soon start to be out of date.

But with an active blog, which regularly posts useful content, answers questions and solves problems, offering great value, you already have something you can share on social media. Each tweet from a blog post is an action that has the potential to grow the number of leads that are targeting your website.

Now you not only have something of your own to share on social networks, but the visitors who come to your website have something of their own that they can share if they wish. Using plugins to share on social networks, no matter which social network is most suitable for your content, you can make it easier for your visitors to share your content with their followers.

Photo by geralt is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

Reason # 3: More time to connect with your goals

While the essential pages of your website can be very elaborate, sometimes the visitor wants something more before feeling ready to become a customer or subscriber. Maybe he wants to be sure that you know what you are talking about, he wants more answers to his questions, he wants to know you better or even be sure that you are still in business.

A regularly updated blog can help with all of this. Well placed links in the sidebar, header, footer with the latest content or your best articles can make it easier for your visitors to stay on your website. This can help you get a better idea of who you are and what you can offer.

Home, About, Services and other main pages of your website must be concise and direct. Your blog, on the other hand, should offer more creative freedom and allow you to express your values, points of view, and personality with your target audience.

By having a blog you have the opportunity to earn more from those visitors who will not buy just by looking at your sales page. In addition, by also taking advantage of Email Marketing and the use of floating subscription windows, you can give yourself another opportunity to connect with visitors who are not yet ready to buy or who are not ready to get away from your website forever.

Photo by Pixabay is licensed under CC0

Reason # 4: Another communication channel
Each article on your blog and its comment form gives your audience another opportunity to get in touch with you. Some visitors may not have time or may think that their inquiry requires an email or a message through your contact form. However, your query may be perfectly suited for a comment at the end of the article you just read.

When this happens and you have the opportunity to respond to their comment, use it to start a discussion and help them, demonstrate all the time your knowledge, experience and willingness to assist them. If you enabled response notifications that are sent to readers who have left comments, now you have another way (that you did not have before) to return those visitors who only visited your website once.

It is true that responding to comments can be time consuming. However, if you give yourself a short window of time each week to moderate and respond to helpful comments, you can not only offer additional value to those who commented, but also to other visitors who read these messages. Spam is a very real problem too, but it can be minimized by plugins like Akismet.

Don’t worry about the negative comments they leave on your blog. Responding to negative comments in a calm and controlled manner shows that you are willing to listen to your customers and not react violently when things do not go well. Furthermore, you are not required to approve all comments, after all it is your blog. You never know, there might even come some unexpected compliment or positive evaluation that other visitors might see.

Having a communication channel with visitors can be very valuable, and blog comments are a valid way to facilitate this.

Photo by Kaboompics .com is licensed under CC0

Reason # 5: More Networking Opportunities
By sharing what you are doing on your blog, or highlighting other players in your industry that you are impressed with, you can create some useful networking opportunities.

Maybe someone will be impressed with what you’ve been working on, or they will thank you for mentioning it on your blog. Maybe it’s a potential business partner who sees that the two of you are attending the same conference and are meeting after meeting.

You should not go so far as to highlight your direct competitors and risk losing business. However, if you are a website designer, mentioning an awesome plugin that just came out or a new hosting service, you will not only be sharing useful information with your audience, but also that you can be laying the foundations for a possible business relationship .

Photo by Canva Studio is licensed under CC0

Reason # 6: Shameless self-promotion
No one likes bluffs. However, if you frame it the right way, your blog can be a great way to share the projects you’ve completed, clients who have arrived, or compliments you’ve received.

Some companies even share their earnings and income reports on their blogs. At first glance, this may seem like nothing more than bombast. However, if you include the things you have learned and share what went well and what did not, you are offering real value in these articles. This then allows them to be more than just financial reporting, it can be a great way to make sure your visitors return the following month for the next installment of your story.

Publishing information about your income, featured clients, or completed projects also shows that you are good at what you do and not a makeshift or new business in its first month of activity. This should help make it a little easier for your potential customers to be able to trust you to do business.

Photo by Format is licensed under CC0

Reason # 7: Create specific content that appeals to prospects
The main objective of your website might be to convert each visitor into a customer or buyer from the first moment. However, your secondary goal should be to find a way to keep in touch with them until they are ready to sign.

Creating a focused Email Marketing campaign is a very effective way to accomplish this. You should seek to have visitors sign up for your mailing list to send them valuable content on a regular basis, until they gain their trust and are finally ready to take action and start working with you.

A surefire way to encourage the reader to join your email list is to offer a “hook” (a free incentive offered in exchange for registration). However, it can be difficult to create the perfect hook that all of your readers want to have access to. When it comes to generating the hitch, you will not always be able to satisfy everyone.

However, by creating multiple hooks and linking through certain types of content on your blog, you can make them much more specific and therefore more likely to convert. For example, someone comes to your site for an article about “why responsive web design is so important.” The page’s newsletter subscription form offers a free checklist for responsive designs in exchange for your email address. On the other hand, it could be a blog article about how to make a website faster and offer as a guide a guide to reduce the load on your website.

This may sound tedious to handle. However, using a professional Email Marketing service will be much easier to implement than it sounds.

Reason # 8: Total SEO growth for your website
In addition to having more content from your website indexed in search engines, there are some other benefits related to SEO when including a blog site.

In basic terms, the more often you publish content on your site, the more times search engine robots will visit your website and the faster new content will be indexed. This means that an important announcement you make or content that depends on the date will have a better (and faster) chance of being found by your audience compared to if the content varies little over long periods of time.

Search engines don’t want to send their users to outdated and outdated websites. Regular posting of content to your blog is a way to tell search engines like Google that your website is up.

Acquiring links from other websites that target yours is still one of the most effective ways to improve your search engine scoring. Although, we are not suggesting that you should artificially create links that point to your website. Every short article you post on your blog is new material that other websites might wish to connect to.



Could you name five brands that you would not be able to live without?
Positive Marketing aims to impact the consumer in a significant way. Infusing feelings such as self-confidence and hope, Positive Marketing has the power to cause personal and social change, while cultivating brand loyalty.

As digital marketers, we cannot stop relating this concept to the online world. We present you some key factors that we consider are crucial in the effort to build Positive Marketing online.

1. Ensure a smooth user experience

Positive Marketing what you are looking for is to make the client feel good. So the last thing you want is for your audience to yell at their device, “Why doesn’t the button work ?!”
The first step in building brand loyalty is to ensure that the website is designed to be not only functional, but responsive to different screen sizes as well. Be sure to try it out on desktop PCs, tablets, and smartphones! On the other hand, your website must be built for intuitive navigation, which is easy for all users to use. Do you have a search engine? Is there a menu with important pages such as Home, Products / Services, About, Contact, etc? Do you have a frequently asked questions section? If not, is it still easy for visitors to find all the information they need on your website?
Ask people you know to look for things on your website. It is very possible that you are surprised by the amount of information that they will not find on your website and that you had not considered before.

2. Show your customers that you value them individually

The relationship between the consumer and the brand has to be a two-way street. Treating your audience as misers who have to be bombarded with promotions creates indifferent customers. Your visitors may buy products because your brand is familiar, but if some other company offers better offers and recognizes them by name, you are left out. Companies like Disney and Dove don’t have fans who trust them because they offer the best prices, but instead offer their customers the emotional experience those people want every time they interact with a similar product.
To create this personal experience, it is important to reiterate that you think of each of your customers as more than just a number. Customer-responsive service, customer-centric marketing, and even a simple “thank you” can make a company feel much more empathetic. Idle emails such as those sent by Right Inbox do a great job of reminding you that they are special.

Photo by Kaboompics .com is licensed under CC0

“Here Daniel from Right Inbox, we spoke briefly when you signed up. I have noticed that you have not been active in the system as before. Can I ask you why? What happened?
I will be happy to help you get more out of your Right Inbox account if you have any problems. Currently there are many things you can do with your account, some of our users tell us incredibly creative ways to organize their lives using their email.
Send me a short answer and we’ll talk about how we can help you do the same.
Have a fantastic day!

PD: Remember. I will always be here if you have any feedback. What do you love about Right Inbox? What drives you crazy? I’m all ears.”
Phrases like “I’ve noticed” and “Have a great day!” they remind the user that you want to help them. By focusing on your relationship with your client, you will be able to generate long-term clients instead of seeing you as the best offer of the moment.

Photo by Pixabay is licensed under CC0

3. Hacelos sonreír

El poder de la felicidad no pasa desapercibida para los marketineros. No es de extrañar que los mensajes positivos a menudo conducen de forma natural a una reacción más positiva por los consumidores. Si podés hacer reír a tu consumidor o hacerlo sentir inspirado, tu marca se convertirá en algo alegre o inspiracional para ellos. Basta ver este aviso de Always:

Este anuncio que hace Always es sinónimo de empoderamiento, y la gente va a comprar sus productos al compartir esa sensación. Ayudá a las personas a sentir emopciones positivoas en su vida cotidiana mediante el empleo del Marketing Positivo.

Photo by Bekka Mongeau is licensed under CC0

4. Asegurá protección y confianza

En la era digital la gente está perdiendo confianza en las marcas. En 2016, los errores de seguridad que expusieron bases de datos de emails, virus, problemas con los pagos online son frecuentes en las noticias. Si bien cualquier persona puede ser hackeada, hacer todo lo que puedas para proteger a tus clientes y hacerles saber que estás tomando las medidas de seguridad online necesarias.

Por otra parte, nunca está de más reiterar la necesidad de generar credibilidad en las Páginas de Aterrizaje (Landing Pages) y sitios web. Mostrar afiliaciones con marcas conocidas y de confianza, presentar testimonios de clientes y ofrecer información de contacto permite a los visitantes saber que tu empresa es legítima y que toma en serio su presencia online.

Pensá en cómo podés construir confianza en tu marca o cómo podés tranquilizar a los clientes si llegás a tener un riesgo de seguridad.

Photo by Tranmautritam is licensed under CC0

5. Comunicación, comunicación, comunicación

Con plataformas como Facebook, Twitter, Google+ y su utilización creciendo más rápido que nunca las empresas tienen que conectarse con sus clientes a través de las redes sociales para mantenerse al día.

David Neeleman, el ex director general de JetBlue, dice que sus clientes dan retroalimentación por primera vez en los medios sociales. En una industria conocida por el servicio al cliente de baja calidad, Neeleman hace que sus consumidores se sientan cuidados al permitir que su voz sea escuchada en estos foros públicos. Ni siquiera una publicidad inspiradora del Super Bowl puede hacer que tu marca parezca tan considerada como una respuesta a las personas que, desafortunadamente, están acostumbradas a ser ignoradas. Una respuesta directa a los comentarios de una persona la harán sentir especial, sino que cualquier persona que vea la interacción pública permanente sabrá que tu empresa se preocupa.

You can achieve it!
In history books, businesses and consumers often disagree. Few companies care about their customers, often reducing quality to offer the cheapest product possible. Over time, companies that dedicate efforts generating Positive Marketing in their structure enjoy growth from the deep and increase their customer base. But most importantly, they take responsibility for the formation of values in our culture.



Plan well prior to producing a web site

Why do you wish to develop a web site? Do you have any type of suggestion what you will embark on? Are you mosting likely to improvisate its building and construction? These are a few of the inquiries you need to ask on your own if you are considering producing a web site, a blog site or any type of sort of web site.

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We will certainly inform you what you need to think about when producing a web site, this material will undoubtedly prevent numerous migraines with these referrals. We will certainly subject it in a basic method for any type of SME, independent or any person that by themselves effort intends to develop a web site.

Be clear what you require a web site for
Before beginning to develop a web site you need to be clear concerning what you require a web site for, what it can offer you and also just how you are mosting likely to establish it. You should understand that your web site alone will certainly never ever create anything for you, you need to have a method and also perform it.

An efficient web site with a clear approach can offer you with:

  • Contact possible customers.
  • Visibility of your company on the Internet.
  • Branding (brand name).
  • A better geographical range.
  • These are a few of the chances that a web site can use you and also can be theorized to a blog site or any type of website. Today any type of small business should be present in any way on the Internet.

It can be through a blog with a clear content strategy, a website carrying out advertising actions on any advertising channel such as Google Adwords or through social networks. As you can see the strategies are many, before creating a website you have to take into account these ideas.

Photo by Pixabay is licensed under CC0

How should be the content for your website
There are many who skip this step that is the true heart of your website. Many are improvising their contents while they make the web, error.

You must take into account that your content will be read by your potential clients, so it must have the following characteristics:

  • Show your knowledge naturally and avoid technical language, think that your clients have a need, do not know about technicalities and are not interested in them either.
  • I wrote about the benefit that working with you can bring to your potential clients, present realities objectively.
  • Use positive language in your content with calls to action that can stimulate the client, ask for a quote or contact you.
  • Use images to complement your content, if they are your own, infographics and videos are excellent complements.
  • Use titles, subtitles, bullets, design, spaces and any type of other resource that helps reading.
  • In a second order, but without giving it the importance it deserves, you have to create your content so that Google can index it correctly and have the possibility of obtaining a better positioning.
Photo by StartupStockPhotos is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

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What you need to create a WordPress website
More than 60 million sites trust and use this tool, so do we!

Who uses and hosts their own files? Pages like Coca-Cola France, Sony Music and the official website of the country of Sweden.

Create a WordPress website

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Once you have all your content finished, all the web-optimized images and your prepared videos save them and focus on the installation of your WordPress.

In this article we are not going to explain how to install it, but you have many videos on Youtube that can help you. What we are going to explain is what you need for the installation.

Domain name
This is the name that appears in the address bar of your browser. The domain name of this site is

Your domain name may be abstract or unrelated to your main activity, such as,,, or contain a word that helps you know what it is about, such as,, etc. .

It also doesn’t necessarily have to end in .com, although this is the most common choice for commercial websites.

Think carefully about the domain name you want for your site, and I have several options ready, since your main option may already be taken.

Hosting or hosting for your site
Your website needs a place to live. Hosting is the place where all the files that make your website exist are kept.

The files of your website will be stored inside a server, for which you will have to pay (or not) and it will have an IP address where they will go to find the site to show it to your visitors.

The bigger your site and the more visitors you get, the server of your site will have to become bigger and more robust.

A useful metaphor for understanding the relationship between domain and website hosting is as follows:

The domain of a site is the address plate of a house, while the land on which the house is built is hosting.

Photo by Monoar Rahman is licensed under CC0

Be careful with the choice of your hosting, the cheap is expensive
Probably the most frequent mistake when launching a website is trying to save on hosting.

This is a serious mistake for a simple reason: If your hosting fails, your website will not be available for your visitors and clients. Everything you have invested in other aspects (content, marketing, etc.) will not do any good.

Every minute that your website does not respond as it need to, it will cost you money:

  • Clients and lost sales because the web does not load.
  • Damage to the public image of your business.
  • Time spent investigating the bug and trying to fix it.
  • But even if your website responds, if it loads too slow for having contracted a low quality hosting, you will also be losing money on potential income.

There are several studies that show that every second it takes for a website to load makes you lose customers. For example, in this study they discovered that up to 7% of sales are lost for each extra second it takes to load a website.

Hire a quality hosting and save yourself trouble.

The conclusion is obvious: It does not pay to try to save on hosting if you risk losing more money and many hours of your valuable time.

Perhaps we have expanded a bit on this last point, but it is a fundamental topic and we are sure that it will be useful to you.

Photo by Caio is licensed under CC0

Good! You already have almost everything for the installation, but doing a review you need to install your WordPress:

Username and password of your hosting Cpanel.
Create a database on your hosting.
Username and password of that database.
Create an FTP.
FTP users and password.
Download FileZilla to work comfortably with FTP.
Install WordPress in Spanish.
Buying the Theme for your website
The choice of the theme or template is very important, frequently many mistakes are made due to the poor choice of themes that did not fit what one needs, for the choice we can recommend you:

Buy it in ThemeForest (affiliate, thanks!), There you will find a lot of variety. Go to the WordPress tab and find the theme that you like the most.
In the mobile era it is important that your theme is reposive, adaptable to all devices (mobile, tablet, etc.).
Seeks to integrate social networks well.
Many come optimized for SEO.
It may also be interesting to have the multi language option by default.
See if the usability of the web adapts to the good user experience.
Child elements to create your website
Emails from your domain
An email like does not inspire as much trust as

The first option is free, and it is completely valid to continue using it. But we recommend getting an account that ends in @yourdomain if you plan to make money or establish a better image via your website.

A provider for sending email
In other articles we talked about the importance of email marketing in your digital marketing approach. For now, you should know that there are tools that allow you to send emails to the different subscribers of your lists or clients.

For example, you can use these tools to send your monthly newsletter, customers who want to receive advance information about your products, or a congratulatory email on their birthday, or automate emails depending on actions they take on your website.

A good email tool will reach the inboxes of people who decide they want to receive your updates and have given you permission to do so.

Remember that it is very important before carrying out a web project to be clear about the construction processes in advance. Avoid improvising on the go, you will avoid many problems.

Use a day-to-day action plan not only for the initial development of your web project but also when it ends.

Photo by Tranmautritam is licensed under CC0

Creating your own website or changing the technology that supports your current website is not something that should intimidate you, from the point of view of time, effort or finances.

Although there are some free tools, none are in a matter of time, and this resource will be the biggest investment you will have to make in the long run to have a successful website.

Getting the tools necessary to create a web site will actually be the least of the difficulties and challenges you will face. Know what niche to target, know how to differentiate your own website from others, find the right way to earn money, and also optimize it for search engines for free. Here is the difference between success and also failing.


WordPress Advantages and additionally Disadvantages

We recognize that websites have actually come to be an extremely essential and also valuable tool for any business, as it is considered one of the main bridges to achieve sales, visibility, brand awareness and also many more. However, many choose to have a free website unaware of the disadvantages that this could bring. Let’s see some:

Any platform to design free web pages, such as wix, weebly or jimdo, will allow you to choose between some templates or designs, however, these will be very basic. Therefore, if you want to include more advanced functions you will have to make additional payments or if you want to enter the source code, you simply will not be able to do so.
By using a platform for free web pages, you will not have your own domain, but will belong to that platform, which will offer you a long URL or a subdomain with its name. The above will generate memory problems for your users.

These free web pages usually have very limited space.
Your website will be your responsibility, you will not have a technical service to provide you with support in case of any type of problem.
Improving the positioning of your website or SEO within the first pages of search engines will be very difficult to accomplish if you use any of these platforms such as wix, weebly or jimdo. This disadvantage will be reflected in turn in the traffic, visits and sales that you could generate from your website.

If making web pages on these platforms is free, you will ask yourself, how do they do to generate income? Very simple, they do it through online advertising that will appear on your website that could generate a bad image of your brand name.
When creating a complimentary site, forget about having an e-commerce system.

Advantages of WordPress

Easy of Use
The primary benefit of WordPress I can say is the ease of use. I’m a WordPress consumer in view that 2012 and from the start of time it in no way let me down with its overall performance. Everything from set up to renovation, WordPress works like a breeze. Almost every Web host available in the world are offering one-click deploy of the WordPress on their server. The set up rarely takes 2 mins of time and it is prepared to apply.

It is Free
One of the maximum practical makes use of of WordPress is it’s free to use alternative. It is an open-supply website CMS and code written inside the PHP. It is completely free to use and every internet website hosting service imparting one-click on set up as we mentioned above.

Photo by StartupStockPhotos is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

ECommerce Friendly
There are plenty of features are must design an eCommerce website online. If you search for the eCommerce web site improvement requirements, you may see a list of capabilities which might be center homes to draw the target market and making sales.
WordPress has robust eCommerce assist. Anyone can with a primary WordPress understanding construct an eCommerce website online from scratch. There are plenty of eCommerce supportive themes available for WordPress to create a scalable web site. Plugins like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress are famous many of the developers.

Forums Support
WordPress has tremendous support in case you want to run a forum web site. There are plenty of issues and plugins to be had to make a WordPress internet site right into a discussion board site. Plugins like bbPress, ForumEngine, and Simple Press are popular among them.

Disadvantages of WordPress

Pricey Customization
WordPress is free to apply CMS however it depends on the diverse 0.33-celebration subject matters and plugins. Of path, the loose subject matters and plugins available, however if you need to make your website greater particular 1/3-birthday party services are the exceptional options.
WordPress enterprise has surprisingly grown from the beyond couple of years and many builders are selling their nice of the pleasant themes and plugins. Each theme cost ranging from a few bucks to heaps of bucks in case you need a completely unique customized subject matter. It is your desire whether to spend on these things or now not on your website.

Frequent updates
Frequent updates is any other issue if you want to move for WordPress. Installing WordPress does no longer end the whole method. Since it is a totally developer-pleasant open-source platform, they frequently push updates to the users. The problem comes whilst a new update effect for your installed subject or plugin compatibility difficulty. In some instances, after the brand new WordPress update, the present subject or plugin may additionally crash resulting inside the negative functionality of the internet site which can also harm your performance in Google.

Vulnerability continues to be one of the risks of WordPress protection. Being an open-source platform has its personal set of cons. Since there is no central authority to screen the themes and plugins, a few unethical humans can unfold faux issues and plugins with malicious code. According to a few trusted reports, WordPress is the most hacker CMC worldwide.


Why does a professional or unbiased personal name for a website?

All type of professionals along with professionals can accomplish the exact same advantages pointed out over from an internet existence.

Lawyers, designers, medical professionals, designers, economic professionals, musicians, realty representatives, pharmacologists, vets, economic experts, industrial representatives, designers, developers, marketers, translators, instructors, insurance policy representatives, make-up musicians, artisans, painters, agents as well as all Self-used as well as service-oriented professionals have to capitalize on the substantial reach of the Internet.

In both situations, depending upon the dimension of your organisation, they might or might not have employees in your cost along with a facility available to the general public, although several job from house as well as without staff members. This self-employment choice usually produces a greater degree of earnings.

7 reasons that a specific demands to have a site

For a specific, a site as well as an individual domain work in several methods:

1- Your long-term individuality

A domain is your individual as well as distinct identity on the Internet. You can create a personal or family website that features your family history, family photos, travel photos, etc.

2- The creation of a website is very cheap as well as easy

Making a website today is quite cheap, the price per year is less than $ 90 dollars. There are many easy-to-use programs to create it.

You can create a website with WordPress, the platform that is most used today. You don’t need to know about web design or development. It is possible to use an internet page creator as well as have it live with a few clicks. This means that you don’t need to hire a web designer.

Photo by StartupStockPhotos is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

3- The showcase of your hobby

Create a website around your hobby, sport or art. You can present your work or collections. It can even be the start of a home business.

4- Domain name as an Investment

You can keep your individual domain names as an investment. Many common personal domain names will become rare as well as valuable assets that are prone to increase in value.

Although most of the common names and surnames in the world have already been registered. You may still be able to get some variations of your first or last name for your domain. It is advisable to act now, before it is too late.

5- Personalized email address

You can have a personalized email address like Rosafamilia @ .net. Your personalized email for life, as long as you keep your domain name and website. You never have to worry about updating friends and family members with a new email address when you change providers, jobs, or Internet services.

6- Share Information

On your web site, you can post information that may be useful or interesting to others around the world.

7- Visibility and economical advertising options

There are many ways you can promote your site to gain worldwide visibility. For example, free organic traffic as well as also with paid traffic like AdSense.

8- Make money from your site

Generate sales revenue, leads, as well as traffic from company links as well as ads placed on your site. Take advantage of the free admission offered by affiliate networks on the Internet. Affiliate marketing is currently one of the most utilized as well as profitable methods to generate profits through the Web. There are also other alternatives to monetize your web web page.

Group of Business People Discussing Business Issues

24 major benefits of having a web site for Your Business

There are lots of reasons a business need to have a web site. In instance you are interested, I motivate you to proceed checking out to figure out what are the 24 major benefits of having an Internet web page.

If you have your very own organisation and also you are thinking about making a web site for it, however you are still unsure why you need to do it, this will certainly be an excellent possibility to recognize why.

1- Very inexpensive and also very easy to create

Currently there are quite a few content management programs and software which are very very easy to use. These are available to help with creation and also web design. It is increasingly difficult to imagine a reason why any company, large or small, does not take advantage of having a website. The price to develop it is extremely low. The most you will invest will be between $ 66 to $ 108 dollars a year.

Therefore, it is possible to build a basic or sophisticated small business website very cheaply without a professional web designer or programmer. Today, you can do it yourself in a matter of minutes and also with a few clicks.

2- Greater visibility

Being exposed to more visibility is an important factor which makes it essential to have a website. People can find your business easily. Even if people have heard of your business, most people today want to do research online first before they leave home.

You have the opportunity to provide a map and address of your company’s store or office on your website so that visitors are less likely to have trouble finding the place.

3- Your own identity on the Internet

Your own domain name establishes a strong brand identity online.

Check if the domain name you want is still available

Available. Click here to register, it means your name is still available. If he were not free, the word Taken would have appeared, which means registered. Bluehost gives you free domain for the first year.

It allows you to configure email addresses specific to your own company.

Today, email is the most common way to communicate efficiently and professionally with the rest of the world.

4- Accessibility 24 hours a day

An Internet site is accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the year without the labor costs to see it. An online store never closes and faces no time zone barriers.

Because of this, your potential customers can visit your business virtually for support or information on new and future products and services whenever it is convenient for them.

Your website will act as an invaluable and always available resource for information that would otherwise only be accessible during your business hours.

5- Boost for sales

Your website can sell products at any time. Potential customers are not limited to working hours. They can go online and buy products whenever they want. An online store can provide a dramatic boost in sales.

Photo by PhotoMIX-Company is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

6- Low cost for advertising

The Web has a much broader reach than any other form of advertising. The cost of a marketing campaign costs almost nothing.

Your page will be the center of your company’s online presence; Through it you will advertise your business around the Web organically (for free) on social networking sites, forums and through pay-per-click advertising programs.

7- Reach new markets with a global audience

Internet is the most profitable way for national and international trade. A website will expand your customer, partner, distributor or supplier base.

You can generate more and more clients for your business without doing additional marketing. Today, more and more customers are shopping on the Internet. Why do you have to limit your business to your immediate local area, when everyone can be your potential market?

Photo by StartupStockPhotos is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

8- Center of the world economy

The Internet has become the vital center of the world economy. An organization can thrive in this global Internet economy that allows it to make itself known quickly.

A well-designed website is not only an identity on the Internet for your business, it is an essential part of the success and future of your company.

9- Present a professional and credible image

Your organization must be up to date with today’s progress. It is about being perceived as a professional in today’s market. Today, customers, employees, and suppliers expect to be able to find and communicate with an online business.

It is extremely similar to being in the yellow pages, if you do not have a profile, potential customers will not be able to find and trust your business.
Entities that do not yet have a web presence are inadvertently making a statement about their ability to embrace technology and adapt to changes in today’s dynamic environment.

For a small business, a well-designed, professional website is a great way to build credibility and look bigger than it really is.

You can see yourself as one of the big companies at a very low cost. When you compare the cost of establishing a website with the cost of promoting a business in traditional media such as radio, television, or the press, it is clear that a website is the cheapest form of marketing ever created. Read this free tutorial to build your website.

10- Better customer service

You can provide 24-hour services to clients without the need to hire additional employees. Your customers will be better served when they can access information about your products or services through your website immediately, rather than waiting for a brochure to be mailed or a phone call back.

The option of providing answers to frequently asked questions on your website is a great thing. Customers may also request more information through forms, which can be processed immediately using the automatic auto-response system without someone being online or in the office.

Customers can quickly and conveniently access information or purchase the products they want to purchase.

11- Saving money on printing and distribution costs

A website is your online brochure or catalog that can be changed or updated at any time at a much cheaper and faster rate than print material. It saves you a lot of money in printing and distribution costs.

Photo by Free-Photos is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

12- A showcase to display products and offer services

Provide photos and detailed descriptions of your products or services. This allows you to explain in detail why your products or services are superior to those of your competitors. It gives you the opportunity to show how your products or services can help them in their personal or professional life.

13- Automation, productivity and profitability

Through automation through the Internet you will increase productivity and profitability. Online automation is definitely going to cut costs for advertising, sales staff, and other support staff.

A website increases the productivity of your company, because you spend less time explaining the details of products or services to customers, since such information will be available 24 hours a day.

A virtual page saves you costs by allowing users to download invoices, proposals and other important documents.

Photo by StartupStockPhotos is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

14- Sell your products and services online

Selling through your website is much cheaper and a great way to complement your offline business. Providing secure online ordering is very affordable today.

15- Total stability for your business

You can change your workplace, change your phone number, or even change your hours, but your website address never changes, once you’ve created it, your website is always open.

16- Promote your services

All service-oriented companies must take advantage of the vast reach of the Internet. Millions of users connect daily to the Web to compare (various specialists and professionals) before purchasing a specialized service.

Photo by Free-Photos is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

17- Customer reviews and comments

You can obtain information about your current and potential clients by using online forms and surveys. This is done by providing a feedback form to make it easier for your customers to submit their contributions.

Carry out surveys to find out how you can improve your products and services. Your web statistics can also help you understand how your visitors and customers utilize your site.

18- World exposition

There are many ways you can promote your website to improve prominence, drive targeted traffic, and also get worldwide exposure for your business

19-Generate money from your site

You can also earn revenue from sales, leads, and traffic from business links and ads placed on your site. Take advantage of free access to various affiliate networks on the Internet.

20- Excellent recruitment tool

Photo by PhotoMIX-Company is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

You can post job opportunities for your company on your website. Your website is a great recruiting tool for building your business.

21- Easy transfer of Information to branches and affiliated companies

Transfer of documents through your website is cheaper and faster than through UPS, FedEx, etc. You can protect your files if password security is needed.

22- Viral marketing without marketing cost

You can have your satisfied customers refer their friends and family through an online form on your website.

23- Improve the effectiveness of your advertising

Your website address in all your promotions will give your company a cutting-edge corporate image and that will encourage viewers to check your site and obtain additional information. Adding your website address to your ads increases your exposure without adding any type of cost.

24- Educate your clients

Your internet site can offer free advice on your services and also products, including ideas and suggestions to maximize the benefit of your products.

These 24 advantages apply to a organisation, however, not only companies should have actually their website, but also professionals and also those that function individually.