Discover the benefits of using a CMS to develop web pages

Do I set up my online store with a predesigned CMS or should I create it to measure? Do not be fooled by the first thing they recommend and discover why CMS can be your best option.

Did you know that 55% of eCommerce created do not exceed the first year of life and that 35% of these fail in their first month? We don’t want to be pessimistic, the other way around. We have no doubt that if you are reading this article, it is that you have something unique and special to offer the market, so do not be discouraged, get ideas and jump in the pool!

Normally, the problem comes when we do not know where to start and we are guided by advice and opinions without a good knowledge base. Surely you are eating your head thinking about how and where to set up your online store and you may have heard a thousand times that “a personalized and tailored website is crucial to compete online.”

Each business and situation is unique and that is why we are not going to tell you what you should do, but we do want you to listen to the other side of what has never been told (rather, the badly told). Little is said about the advantages of web development in predesigned CMS platforms like WordPress, and in doing so, some half-truths tend to creep in.

It is true that having a personalized website to be able to differentiate yourself from the competition is a key element for the possible success of your store, but the terms ‘custom’ and ‘CMS’ are not antonyms, vice versa!

Whatever decision you make, we want the decision to be correct and that you do not let yourself be guided by these lies:

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Debunking myths about web development

CMS are in the long run more expensive

It is true that platforms such as WordPress or similar are advertised as free but then they offer you premium services to be able to personalize content, remove ads, etc … It is certainly not free, but it is cheaper than developing a custom website. Since you have to hire an agency to program and / or design your website, you do not want to spend extra foolishly, so starting to develop the page from a basic template will save time in the process and thus the costs may be lower.

Using templates means having a boring design

Using a template does not mean having a traditional, simple or boring design. For example, WordPress has a wide variety of designs for thousands of business types that can serve as a great starting point, saving design time and money. Furthermore, these templates are not fixed, allowing them to be modified with great ease in order to adapt them to our needs. In fact, this is where creativity plays, modulating a base and adapting it through design and programming to the requirements of a project. You do not believe it? Take a look at our website created from WordPress and tell us it is boring. Absolutely!

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With CMS navigation is regular

No, all WordPress or similar templates are optimized so that your website adapts to any device and browser. This makes your page always responsive without the need to program it specifically for each browser or device. This way you make sure that your website is accessible from anywhere and by any user, thus helping search engine positioning. As if that were not enough, there are SEO plug-ins that help you manage improvements without the need for extra programming.

Little scalability and limited programming

Don’t listen to those who say that a WordPress page only works for startups that will later have to create a custom website. Did you know that the pages of big companies like Spotify, BBC America, PlayStation, Vogue, MercedesBenz, Sony or MTV are made on WordPress? With that we say everything. WordPress allows you to grow your page on scales as large as those of these companies, being able to program the web 100% when and how much you want. The limit is up to you!

Debunking myths about eCommerce development

Difficult integration between the page and the online store

Upside down! It couldn’t be easier to integrate your eCommerce to your website than using WordPress. With the Woocommerce plug-in, among many others, both free and paid, you can easily have your store integrated on the web. Not only that, you also have thousands of ad-ons for everything you need such as adding wish lists, discounts or other benefits that you see necessary for your business. In addition, you can manage from multiple accounts both the web, a blog and the store at the same time, all united in one.

Its maintenance is laborious

Well, it’s going to be no! Since everything is on the same platform, you don’t need to give programmers more work to constantly update everything. Contrary to popular belief, maintaining your store, as well as the web itself, is much less laborious than that of other platforms, such as Prestashop, since WordPress, with its community of more than 300 developers, lead to continuously update automatically.

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Little security when payment

WooCommerce, the eCommerce platform that best suits WordPress, has more than 27% of the market, making it the most widely used worldwide. Do you still think it’s unsafe? It has extensions for the easy integration of payment gateways such as Amazon Pay or PayPal, being just some of the many that it offers. These are not only safe, but they are also very easy to install on the web and to configure. Not only that, but it also allows adding the POS that each bank works with, facilitating operations for both you and your customers.

My data is in Putin’s hands

There are certain conspiracy people who believe that, because it is a free and online platform, purchasing, sales and other billing data are lost in the most remote places of the internet as new ones are created. However, WordPress does have a statistics section on our page activity and the performance of our business. These data are constantly updated, but do not panic, do not disappear or go anywhere. They are collected to generate complete reports of the activity of your store, with graphs on the stock, orders, billing and even customers. In addition, these can be broken down not only by date, but by categories, types of products, etc … In short, if you are not going to miss something, it is data.

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It is clear that setting up your website or your online store with a CMS does not mean that your page will not measure up to your competition, in fact, it may look better. Even so, these advantages do not mean that this form of web development is ideal for your business. We will never tire of repeating that each case is unique and that is why it is necessary to make the most convenient decision for YOUR business.

Now that you could be considered a bit more expert on the subject, free of preconceptions or false rumors that you could have in mind, don’t be fooled! You decide how and where to set up your website, although if you need help we will help you, studying your case in depth to guide you objectively towards the success of your business.

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