WordPress Advantages and Disadvantages

We know that web pages have become an incredibly necessary and useful tool for any business, as it is considered one of the main bridges to achieve sales, visibility, brand awareness and many more. However, many choose to have a free website unaware of the disadvantages that this could bring. Let’s see some:

Any platform to design free web pages, such as wix, weebly or jimdo, will allow you to choose between some templates or designs, however, these will be very basic. Therefore, if you want to include more advanced functions you will have to make additional payments or if you want to enter the source code, you simply will not be able to do so.
By using a platform for free web pages, you will not have your own domain, but will belong to that platform, which will offer you a long URL or a subdomain with its name. The above will generate memory problems for your users.

These free web pages usually have very limited space.
Your website will be your responsibility, you will not have a technical service to provide you with support in case of any problem.
Improving the positioning of your website or SEO within the first pages of search engines will be very difficult to achieve if you use any of these platforms such as wix, weebly or jimdo. This disadvantage will be reflected in turn in the traffic, visits and sales that you could generate from your website.
If making web pages on these platforms is free, you will ask yourself, how do they do to generate income? Very simple, they do it through online advertising that will appear on your website that could generate a bad image of your brand.
When creating a free website, forget about having an e-commerce platform.

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